Has anyone successfully compiled and ran the External C++ example with CmdstanPy on a Mac M1?

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented the External C++ Example within cmdstanpy on an Apple M1 running Monterey (12.6.1).

When I try to run it, I cannot compile the model (I posted an issue to the cmdstanpy github repo here)


There was some further discussion of problems here: External c++ example fails · Issue #1119 · stan-dev/cmdstan · GitHub

I believe the issue is specific to Clang but haven’t been able to pin it down more precisely. We’re hoping to re-think how we do external code to make it much easier in general.

okay great. I will put a pin in this until the refactor is released.

Do you have any estimate on when that might be? Is this work on the roadmap?

We don’t really have an official roadmap, since it depends primarily on volunteer developers.

One place to monitor might be Java-style @annotations for user-guided optimization by WardBrian · Pull Request #45 · stan-dev/design-docs · GitHub, which would likely be involved in this