List of compilers on wiki page - up-to-date? complete?

CmdStan install instructions has link to the wiki page:

is this information correct?

for the CmdStan guide we need a tldr; list of recommended compilers for users - is the following correct:

  • Linux: g++ 4.9.3 or clang 6.0
  • macOS: install XCode, use XCode version of clang
  • Windows: we recommend g++ 8.1 (available with RTools 4.0); else g++ 4.9.3 (available with RTools 3.5).
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I think on Mac another option is to just install the command line tools with

// in the terminal
xcode-select --install

instead of the entire XCode application.

That wiki needs a refresher but yes, the list of compilers we test with is still valid in general.

The list of tests that run and a lot of comments are not up-to-date. Made a note to update after

The minimum is g++ 4.9.3 or clang 6.0 with the exception of Windows where clang is not supported.
I think everything still runs for clang 5.0 or 4.0, but we test with 6.0 on Mac/Linux so we should encourage 6.0+ on Mac/Linux (latest version is 10.0).

clang or msvc on Windows do not work with Stan ATM, though we are very close with making clang work.

I think this is great.

it depends? just set a brand new iMac and it was necessary to do the full xcode install.

Bummer, yeah I guess it depends then. At least at one point I was able to get it working on a laptop with just the command line tools and not all of xcode, but if there’s any chance it won’t work we should just recommend installing all of xcode.