Lecturer Position in Numerical Bayesian Signal Processing at University of Liverpool, UK

We’re recruiting for a new lecturer.

The intent is to attract someone who can bolster our work to develop novel numerical Bayesian algorithms (eg using Sequential Monte Carlo, particle filters etc as well as “traditional” MCMC algorithms) and support our efforts to integrate those advances into Stan such that we can use big computers to make inferences from awkward data that inform important decisions. We currently work across a range of application domains with a focus on defence and security, but with strong links to, for example, manufacturing and health.

The post is a permanent position in the group I lead. We’ve been very successful recently in terms of attracting funding and therefore have a vibrant team of PhD students, post-docs, lecturers and support staff. Our focus is on revolutionising numerical Bayesian inference and making a difference. If you are interested in being part of that endeavour, please reach out.

Further details are here: