Lead data scientist at media mix modeling startup

For the past few years my cofounder and I have been building Recast, a company to build a next-gen media mix model. We’re out of the heavy R&D stage and are now actively growing the company. Early paying customers include Away, Harry’s, Mockingbird, and others. Roughly $500 million dollars of annual media spend is already modeled on our platform.

We’re hiring a data scientist with experience in bayesian inference. This person will work directly with clients to understand their marketing activity, customize our core model for each client, and to develop forecasts and scenario analyses.

The market is huge and for such a small company we’re getting substantial inbound interest. We’ve also got a few people on the Stan development team helping us build the model.

This is an opportunity to help build a big business and work at the cutting edge of causal inference, statistical computing, and marketing data science.

Here’s the JD. You can apply by emailing me directly at tom@getrecast.com. Let me know why this is interesting to you and drop in any relevant github / linkedin / other links.