Hiring a data scientist

Reach out to me here or spinkney @ bpimedia.com (remove spaces when you send) for more info:

In this role, you’ll sit at the intersection of targeting, advertising, strategic communications, and research to help our clients understand their audience, how to reach them, and the impact of marketing campaigns. You will tease out interesting relationships across a broad range of data sets from media performance to behavioral and survey data, you’ll draw conclusions about how people consume information and make recommendations for how to shift opinion on everything from Presidential elections to leading corporate brands.

The ideal candidate is comfortable modeling in the Bayesian paradigm and transforming the analysis into a story using data visualizations and critical thinking skills. This person will be able to flexibly apply their data science toolbox to new datasets or types of problems. They know when something seems “off” in a data set, and using a combination of intuition and data skills, can quickly spot patterns and get to the bottom of it. And, they’re excited to develop and vet new approaches, products, and partnerships to deliver robust and meaningful analyses to clients. Perhaps, most critically, this person is a skilled translator between technical and non-technical audiences — and can teach and explain the practical impacts of complex statistical concepts.