June 27, 2019 Stan General Meeting

Hangouts Link: https://meet.google.com/gzm-wmum-pfm

Instructions: Ask to attend and someone should let you in in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. Email breck@mc-stan.org if you have problems or want to attend the physical meeting in New York City.

Meeting Agenda:

Breck: Responsiveness of question answering on Discourse?

Please add agenda items in responses.

Breck: Creation of model/truth repo for inference research evaluation. Yuling interested in creating such, wants to know if anyone else is doing something similar.

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I invited Alexey from Google who is also interested in such an evaluation framework and model / dataset.

Stats trying to measure how responsive we are on discourse:
new topics in May: 199
Unanswered topics in May: 20
So we’re at a 10% response rate for May at least. You can fiddle with those reports to figure out other stats.

R on StackOverflow looks like 26% unanswered for all time (didn’t find monthly data)

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Duco: Doing Shiny Stan work.

Alexey R: From Tensor Flow Prob. Hear to learn about benchmarking.

Charles: Working on Kinsol solver.

Ben Goodrich: Still trying to get RStanArm to CRAN. Working paper with Blablan??Sp?? Working on getting OCaml working on windows.

Steve B: Stan GPU paper.

Jonah: Fixing RStanArm bug. Adding beta binomials to RStanArm. Mr. T paper working on.

Andrew: Submitted paper, spending time on grants and allocation. Teach Bayesian Workflow class this fall. Working with Shira on fitting.

Breck: Still working on lead paper with Jonathan. Fundraising, elections for Stan Governing Body (SGB). StanCon.

Lauren: Paper submitted to Archive, paper on MRP in psychology. Working to do MRP in on some interesting Australian data.

Mitzi: Working on CmdStanPy, cleaning up and making more pythonic. Getting search going into mc-stan.org/users/documentation.

Bob: Working on compilation issues. Working on getting book done.

Sean: Working on developer meeting.

Matthijs: Autodiff semantics coverage in new compiler.

Andrew reporting that Ryan wrote draft of static analysis research.

General Meeting:

Breck: What is the status of standing up an evaluation set of models to support inference research. Action: Send around email to interested parties to coordinate efforts.

Breck: How responsive are we on discourse? Do we need to allocate more resources? Result is to think about it some more. We are ok, maybe need to hire someone.

General: What is the electorate for coming elections? It is the membership of the “Stan Developers Only” group on Discourse. This could be improved, apparently there is a proposal circulating to do just that.

And the new compiler is passing 86/87 tests (and the other one is a tiny off-by-2e-8 error on a single parameter that seems like a weird cpu-specific floating point issue). Waiting to hook up optimizations or faster compile times before we do our first beta release!

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