Issues with High Sierra


I upgraded my Macbook to High Sierra and my PyStan models are no longer working. It starts compiling and then I get:

`CompileError: command 'clang' failed with exit status 1`

Has anyone else had issues since upgrading? Or was no one silly enough to do so?


Ok so took another 10mins of google to figure it out…

The issue was that the command line tools hadn’t been properly installed/configured when upgrading.

You must execute xcode-select --install in Terminal.

For more details refer the link below

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Thanks for reporting back on how to fix this—it’ll help me when I upgrade.

P.S. Have you heard of Asimov data sets? (Hint: Use full Bayes instead.)

I hadn’t until you asked the question…

I didn’t realize the photo of Asimov in full mutton chop glory was from someone else you were just quoting.