Is there a version of pystan compatible with gcc 4.8.5?

I probably need to be taught to fish - but if someone wants to give me a fish, I’ll gratefully accept it.

PyStan 2.x?

Is there a specific need for PyStan or could you use CmdStanPy?

It seems like the C++ ‘1y’ standard Stan has as a minimum was still under development when GCC4.8 was released, so I’m not sure if its possible. As @ahartikainen points out, your best bet is likely to try PyStan 2 (still uses Stan 2.19, several years out of date) or CmdStanPy (will also require make).

The oldest version of GCC I have personally used is 5.3.0, but I believe RTools used to use 4.9.3 and that worked

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