Inter-occasion variability

I am working on modeling meta-analysis data that have studies that is considered as individuals and response collected on a few time points. Also each study has two arms (treatment and placebo) which will be defined as an occasion and estimate IOV.
My question is how to add IOV to the model. I am using the Metrum institute as template as shown below:

int<lower = 1> nStudies;
int<lower = 1> nArms;
int<lower = 1> study[nArms];
real<lower = 0> dose[nArms];
vector<lower = 1>[nArms] n;
vector<lower = 0>[nArms] response;

transformed data{
vector[nArms] logResponse;

logResponse = log(response);

real<lower = 0> e0Hat;
real<lower = 0> emaxHat;
real<lower = 0> ed50;
real<lower = 0> sigma;
real<lower = 0> omegaE0;
real<lower = 0> omegaEmax;

vector<lower = 0>[nStudies] e0;// arrays works too
vector<lower = 0>[nStudies] emax; // arrays works too
transformed parameters{
vector<lower = 0>[nArms] responseHat;

for(i in 1:nArms){
responseHat[i] = e0[study[i]] + emax[study[i]] * dose[i] / (ed50 + dose[i]);


e0Hat ~ normal(0, 10);
emaxHat ~ normal(0, 50);
ed50 ~ normal(0, 50);
sigma ~ cauchy(0, 2);
omegaE0 ~ cauchy(0, 2);
omegaEmax ~ cauchy(0, 2);

e0 ~ lognormal(log(e0Hat), omegaE0);
emax ~ lognormal(log(emaxHat), omegaEmax);

logResponse ~ normal(log(responseHat), sigma ./ exp(log(n) / 2));

generated quantities{
vector<lower = 0>[nStudies] e0Pred;
vector<lower = 0>[nStudies] emaxPred;
real<lower = 0> responseCond[nArms];
real<lower = 0> responseHatPred[nArms];
real<lower = 0> responsePred[nArms];

Individual predictions

for(i in 1:nArms){
responseCond[i] = exp(normal_rng(log(responseHat[i]), sigma / sqrt(n[i])));

Population predictions

for(i in 1:nStudies){
e0Pred[i] = lognormal_rng(log(e0Hat), omegaE0);// generate new e0
emaxPred[i] = lognormal_rng(log(emaxHat), omegaEmax);// generate new emax
for(i in 1:nArms){
responseHatPred[i] = e0Pred[study[i]] + emaxPred[study[i]] * dose[i] / (ed50 + dose[i]);
responsePred[i] = exp(normal_rng(log(responseHatPred[i]), sigma / sqrt(n[i])));


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