Install problems

Can you guide me to install the MatlabStan as well cmdStan. I followed the instructions but could not worked…

I am using windows 7

Thanks in advance

Please post which step in the installation first caused an error, including the exact error message.
Otherwise no one can help you.

I have run the Matlabstan…

Error using matlab.unittest.internal.TestSuiteFactory/createSuiteFromParentName (line 27)
The specified superclass ‘TestCase’ contains a parse error, cannot be found on MATLAB’s search path, or is shadowed by another file
with the same name.

Error in testsuite>createSuite (line 137)
suite = factory.createSuiteFromParentName(selector);

Error in testsuite (line 105)
suites{k} = createSuite(testAsChar, selector, …

Error in runtests (line 96)
suites = testsuite(parser.Results.tests,pvcell{:});

Error in run_all_tests (line 14)
runtests TestBasicArray;

Can you verify that CmdStan is properly installed?
The manual is here:

You should open a command window (outside of Matlab), and verify that you can for example compile and run the bernoulli example (page 10 of the manual).

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Thanks for following up, I know very little about MatlabStan

Thank you.
I have tried to verify that CmdStan but its look there is something wrong. i.e. Make


Please have a look the attached.

Looks like g++ is not installed, or is not in your path. See page 73-74 of CmdStan guide to check your installation of build tools.

I have checked and its look like installed…please have a look. I am expecting solution asap.

Did you check your path as per the instructions on page 74???

I think so, but please let me know if you see rthere is something wrong. I have attached here somethings more…Capture2


are you on a 32-bit Windows computer? If so, add to a file called make/local the line:


its 64 .