Inits for a vector using Rstan

I have a simple question regarding initializing parameter values for a vector in rstan. If I have a parameter vector[2] mu; I receive an error when trying to run the following code:
#fit<-stan(file =‘Test_Hier_LR2.stan’, data = stanDat,control = list(adapt_delta = 0.999, max_treedepth=20),init=list(list(mu[1] = -90.0, mu[2] = 0.03),

list(mu[1] = -85.0, mu[2]= 0.02),list(mu[1] = -80.0, mu[2] = 0.015),list(mu[1]= -92.0, mu[2] = 0.04)), chains=4,iter=1000),

In rstan, how should I code this so as to set initial values for mu[1] and mu[2]?

any advice will be most appreciated.

init = list( mu = c( -90, 0.03) )

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Thanks you very much. It’s a bit embarrassing how simple the solution is.