Individual level posterior distribution plots

Hi, I am very new to Stan. I have briefly used the hBayesDM package to estimate my model parameters and to plot the values at group and individual level. However, to over-run some bugs of the package I know need to use directly stan to estimate my parameters. I am wondering whether have some link/piece of script which would be useful in plotting individual posterior distributions. Its equivalent code in the hBayesDM was:

plotInd(output1, "ep") 

Would stan_plot do it? or do I need to use bayes_plot package?
Thanks a lot for any piece of advice you could give!

The tidybayes package facilitates some great visualizations.

Thanks for your response. Do you know some equivalent code to the one provided above using the bayesplot package instead?

You can specify the parameters of interest and plot the distributions of those parameters using the various bayesplot functions.

For example:

mcmc_areas(stan_fit, pars = c("par1", "par2", "sigma"), prob = 0.89))

I have a quick question on how to get the individual-level parameters posterior distributions in Stan.
I have this code running which gives me back the median value of the parameters across my subjects:

mcmc_areas(dataframe, pars = ("ind_alpha"), prob = 0.80, prob_outer = 0.95, point_est = c("median"))+
   title = "Posterior distributions",
   subtitle = "with medians and 80% intervals"

Whereas, I would want to plot the posterior distribution for each subject separately (and possibly still plotting the average value of the parameter). Do you know how could I do this?
Thanks a lot for your help and sorry if it is a very silly question.