I'm going to be online less this week

Hey all,

Just a heads up, I’ll be online a bit less this week. I don’t think there’s any pressing decisions at the moment, but if there is, please ping me. (There really shouldn’t be a pressing issue on Math that needs to be decided within days.) I’ll be popping in and doing review when I have a few free minutes this week, but less coding this week.

cc: @wds15, @increasechief, @seantalts, @rok_cesnovar, @stevebronder, @anon79882417, @roualdes.

@wds15: hopefully you can make some progress on the evaluations. When I’m spending more time, I’ll set up the benchmarks so that we can run them on the platforms we care about. If you do that before I do, then please summarize the results and put it on the PR.

@increasechief: no need to wait for me. If you need something reviewed, please ask any of the people listed or even a few others. I’m sure if you tag @seantalts, he can either take a quick look or he knows the other Math devs. That said, when I have a few mins, I’ll be looking for your PRs.

@rok_cesnovar, I owe you more than a beer. I need to look at the template metaprogramming you put up. I just need to get in the right headspace to think about template metaprogramming. Maybe @seantalts or @bob_carpenter (or @bbbales2) can look at the PR to see if it’s ok if I don’t get to it immediately?

@anon79882417 and @roulades: I’m excited for the flattening (and I’m sure @seantalts is too). If you don’t mind, put up a summary of where you’re at when you have something. And maybe write up a plan for how we go from where we are today to when we’re finished? It’d be good seeing how you’re thinking about splitting a really large PR into steps.


Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the break!

Happy to take over @rok_cesnovar’s metaprogramming PR and @increasechief’s error fn PR if no one else wants to tag in. Hopefully get to them tonight or tomorrow.


@seantalts Have at it :D

@Bob_Carpenter volunteered to take over those, oops. I really need to get some work done on the new compiler!

Ping me if there’s more stuff for me to review.

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