How to show sampling progress in Python console?

Can’t find a way to display progression of sampling, and it is very problematic for sampling that takes several minutes. This feature seems to exist in RStan, but I can’t find it in PyStan. Any advice appreciated.

Do you use Jupyter Notebook/Lab? See in the console.

This problem is fixed with PyStan3

I use Spyder IDE 3.3.2 with PyStan 3, is there a way to do it in Spyder ?

PyStan3 uses tqdm to show the progress. Does tqdm work normally in your IDE?

It’s look like tqdm works perfectly fine for an easy exemple :

When I’m using STAN, the sampling result is good, but no progress bar appears :

Ok, you are using PyStan 2. I’m not sure how Spyder handles C++ output.

Try with setting verbose=True

Ok you’re right I use PyStan 2, is there a PyStan 3 stable release and if so, do you know where I can find it ? I don’t see it on the website. Also, I tried with verbose = True and it doesn’t work either.

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