How to calculate survival probabilities for Cox in Rstan or others?

Hi, everyone! I’m new to learning Bayesian models in rstan (brms and rstanarm are pretty wonderful packages!)
Recently, I want to fit a Bayesian Cox model with the brms package. I want to measure the prediction performance with the Brier score. It needs to calculate the survival probabilities of individual. However, it seems difficult for me and I could not figure out it with brms package. I know there is available function for calculating it in the rstanarm package(i.e., posterior_survfit()) and it only accepts stan_jm object as input. But due to the hierarchical structure of the model, it looks like it might be better suited to modeling with brms. So, I also consider whether there exist available function to connect them or extract something from brms object and apply it to evaluate model performance with kinds of function in rstanarm package?