Help `facet_wrap` with `stan_plot`

I’m fitting a model with two group level parameters, i.e. vectors x0[] and y0. I’m trying to use facet_wrap to split the plotting of parameter summaries to different facets with different axes. I can get a result (see below), but it includes all the variables (i.e. rows for the y0[] values in the facet plotting x0[] and rows for the x0[] values in the facet plotting y0[]).

Question: How do I prevent the empty rows in each facet?

Here’s the relevant code.

tmp_plots <- stan_plot(model, pars = c("x0", "y0", "theta"))

tmp_plots +
    facet_wrap(vars(grepl("x0.*", params)),
               scales = "free")

Okay, here’s some code that does what I want, but requires using ggpubr::grid.arrange.

tmp_plot <- list()

for(par in pars) {
   tmp_plot[[par]] <- stan_plot(model, pars = par)
gt <- arrangeGrob(grobs = tmp_plot)

Can someone suggest a more concise way of doing this?