Hash mismatch

Every time I run my code I get the following error, which I did not get before.
Could you please explain why?

“hash mismatch so recompiling; make sure Stan code ends with a blank line”


That is not an error, just a message. If your code ends like

model {

then the last line has a } symbol. What you need is a

model {

so that the last line is empty (not even spaces).

It can recompile for other reasons though.

I tried following your advice, but still get the error message before trying to compile anything. Is there anything else that I can do?, I have even tried multiple empty lines without spaces at the end of the Stan code to no avail.

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@bgoodri I have made the last line empty. but still I am getting that error every time.

Any other solutions for this?

It isn’t an error message, so if you can’t figure out a way around it, it is fine to ignore.

Okay thanks