Google Summer of Code 2021 - Call for Proposals

Thats great! Just send me a message with the link and I can try to work some tomorrow with it!

Thanks @stablemarkets !! I’ll try to setup the base for Lambert and the Garch stuff this weekend

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@mike-lawrence , will you try to setup a draft? Then I can go through it tomorrow?

Hi Everyone,

A lot of progress has been made towards our GSoC 2021 application. Thanks to all the project mentors for putting these proposals together so quickly. I’m really excited about these projects.

Stan proposals as well proposals from other NumFOCUS orgs can be found here:

NumFOCUS will take it from here and submit an application to GSoC by February 19. Selected orgs will be announced March 9. It seems NumFOCUS success rate is pretty good - they have been selected 6 out of the previous 6 applications. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🤞!


Great news everyone:

I have just been informed that NumFOCUS (and, by extension, Stan) has been selected for GSOC 2021!

Here is the profile:

Next steps: During March 29-April 13 students will be registering and applying to mentor orgs through the GSoC site. If you know students who may be interested, now might be a good time to spread the word. As a reminder, here is the link to the Stan project descriptions: design-docs/ at master · stan-dev/design-docs · GitHub

I will reach out the mentors of the three proposed projects shortly with further info.



This is a query regarding GSOC 2021. This is my first time participating in GSOC.
I am interested in Bayesian Benchmarking project idea of Stan. How can I contact the mentors for guidance with regards to proposal, etc.

Best Regards.


@anirudht glad to hear you’re interested, follow up in the thread here: GSoC 2021 - Q/A thread

Thank you so much for providing the link for the communication channel.