Generator code, what have I done?

It’s telling me it doesn’t recognize the type but tells me exactly what the type is… @mitzimorris @Bob_Carpenter any ideas? Unless it’s an accidental circular include this makes no sense to me:

In file included from src/test/test-models/stanc.cpp:1:
In file included from src/stan/command/stanc_helper.hpp:6:
In file included from src/stan/lang/compile_functions.hpp:5:
In file included from src/stan/lang/generator/generate_standalone_functions.hpp:7:
In file included from src/stan/lang/generator/generate_function_instantiations.hpp:5:
In file included from src/stan/lang/generator/generate_function_instantiation.hpp:7:
src/stan/lang/generator/generate_function_instantiation_name.hpp:19:53: error: unknown type name
      'function_decl_def'; did you mean '::stan::lang::function_decl_def'?
    void generate_function_instantiation_name(const function_decl_def& fun,

what branch?

I haven’t pushed yet. I thought the type of error might look familiar. I
wrapped up for today so I’ll push tomorrow.

check your includes?

What am I checking for? The file with that specific struct is included…

sorry, not enough info here to help - please show file: src/stan/lang/generator/generate_function_instantiation_name.hpp

what else have you changed?

That looks like you’re not inside the stan::lang namespace.

Turns out the solution to this mystery was that a completely different file that never showed up as a problem (I had edited it) was one closing paren short in the middle of the file so it put this file inside of the stan namespace… so the inside code was in the stan::stan::lang namespace.

Not surprising. The compiler was clearly indicating you weren’t in stan::lang:: or hadn’t included the file with the declearations you needed.