Generating an HTML version of the manual from LaTeX (again)

I noticed that Edward’s docs are available in HTML and written in tex.

I think about how great it would be to have an HTML version of the manual at least once a month.

It’s on the schedule—the only obstacle is finding someone with the time to do the laborious conversion from the LaTeX we have now to bookdown format. Then it’ll look like the Bayesplot docs.

We could update the manual on the fly, but there’s an issue with keeping it in synch with develop and with the current release that we’d have to take care of, and again, we’d need to find someone with the time to manage the web side of things and the content.

Are you using their toolchain for PyStan?

Their toolchain is a bespoke combination of several tools (including pandoc and Sphinx). I’ve never seen anyone generate HTML docs directly from tex like they do.

Here’s one task, inspired by Edward’s approach, that might make things easier: make sure all LaTeX math renders correctly with KaTeX (or, if need be, MathJax). Edward uses KaTeX to render all its equations. KaTeX, I think, supports a subset of what MathJax supports and renders much faster.

I’d rather not cobble together our own toolchain. We were thinking we’d just convert to bookdown, so we could maintain the whole thing going forward in a friendlier markdown format than LaTeX, which people said would be useful.

I don’t think we’re doing anyhing out of the ordinary with equations per se. The biggest bottlenek is handling all the functions and distributions, which are all rendered with custom LaTeX environments and commands and also used to create the index.

The big win is indexing. Doc’s terrible to actually read on the web.