Converting from math-heavy Markdown to HTML and LaTeX (re: HTML Stan manual)

I just came across this very nice webpage which has a lot of very nicely typeset math (for a webpage):

“The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning”

Turns out they have their own system for moving from math-heavy markdown to HTML or LaTeX: bookish (“Bookish – math-infested markdown to HTML and latex”)

I know everyone wants an HTML version of the manual. Maybe this tool could help?

Somebody please add this to org mode export engine :)

I’m pretty happy with bookdown—the formats are way better than all the knitr formats other than the Tufte format. I really like the latter, which I used for my latest case study:

If I were starting from scratch, I’d almost certainly use that. As is, I think it’ll be a bit easier and more natural to move to bookdown.

The basic bookdown tex output is pretty basic, and apparently so is this new tools’:

The Tufte format LaTeX output is beautiful.