FYI: Bayesian Item Response Modeling WinBUGS and data

Jean-Paul Fox has an extensive collection of WinBUGS models for Bayesian Item Response Modeling:

R and WinBUGS-Code ‘Bayesian Item Response Modeling’

Chapter 1: Modeling Examinees' Test Results (Data and Code)
(Test Data) and (Two-Parameter Item response Model)

Chapter 2: Mathematics Placement Test (Data (Ordinal Data Modeling, Johnson and Albert, 1999), Code)
(Placement Test Data (WinBUGS))
(Hierarchical Item Prior (WinBUGS))
(Independent Item Prior (WinBUGS))
(Three-Parameter Simple Prior (WinBUGS))

Chapter 4: TIMMS (2007) Dutch Sixth-Graders Math Achievement
(TIMMS 2007, 6th Graders’ Math Achievement )
(TIMMS 2007, 6th Graders’ Math Achievement Data (include gender))
(TIMMS 2007: Hierarchical Item Prior (WinBUGS))
(TIMMS 2007: Linear Latent Structure (WinBUGS))

Chapter 4: ESS: Measuring Political Interest
(ESS Netherlands: Items Measuring Political Interest )
(ESS: Graded Item Response Model (WinBUGS))

Chapter 5: Dutch Primary School Mathematics Test
(Dutch Primary School Leaving Test )

Chapter 8: Rule-Based Item Test
(Chess Data ())
(Rule-Based Items (Exercise 8.1))
(Rule-Based Items (Exercise 8.3))
(One-Parameter Response-Time Model and Item Response (WinBUGS))
(One-Parameter Response-Time Model and Item Responses (WinBUGS))

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We have more IRT case studies than anything else:

We could translate Fox’s book examples from WinBUGS to Stan,

  • there’s no license with the distribution

  • they’re in .odc format which OpenOffice can’t decode, so
    I can’t even read the WinBUGS code

  • Bob
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Good points! I should have checked the license.