Fwd and mixed autodiff testing

I’m moving the discussion here to avoid hijacking the original thread:

@syclik decided that we can test the forward mode implementations an rely on the interactions, which should hugely simplify the testing going forward.

Pending a full audit, my understanding of where testing is at now:

  • everything is reasonably well tested in rev mode
  • all of the core functionality (built in arithmetic operators, +=, etc.) is tested in fwd and mix
  • all of the vectorized unary functions tested in rev, fwd, mix, which includes most of the C++ libraries
  • all of the univariate probability functions have been tested

That leaves:

  • multi-argument scalar functions
  • multivariate functions (i.e., matrix and array functions)
  • multivariate probabiltiy functions

I’m not 100% sure about the probability function test coverage and whether that includes cdfs, ccdfs, etc.

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great, thanks for showing explicitly what needs to have fwd tests done, this eliminates some random walk behavior on my part. There is still a lot of work I want to do for stan’s GP library, but I’m happy to start throwing in some tests for fwd once some of the gp kernels are added to the language and sepcialized for rev.

I’m going to learn type-parameterized unit tests and test fixures, and that should make this job go smoothly.

I’m not sure what you mean by

Do you mean, interactions of different vector datatypes, fvec and rvec? I’m not sure how this would simplify the testing.

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I meant interaction of fwd and rev rather than testing mix mode.