Estimating ODEs - Hands-on Tutorial using Stan (3/10/2022)

I’m giving a quick tutorial on estimating ODEs in Stan. It’s quick (1 hour + 30 minutes of questions). It’s free.

This will be a hands-on tutorial using Stan!

We’ll cover:

  • how an ordinary differential equation (ODE) works within a statistical model
  • how to specify it in Stan
  • how to estimate the ODE parameters from Stan
  • actually fit some data!

Please come with either: R and CmdStanR, Python and CmdStanPy, or CmdStan installed. If you’re not familiar with any, please install R and CmdStanR. I’ll provide magic invocations so you can follow along.


I missed it. Was it recorded?

@jandraor, sorry, it wasn’t. On my request.

I’ll do it again sometime soon.

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