Error installing cmdstan : no tbb/global_control.h found

Hi , I am trying to install cmdstan but facing following problem. Have tried various suggestions but cant figure out whats the problem.

I’ve seen TBB issues on Windows but not usually on Ubuntu. @mitzimorris @WardBrian Any ideas?

Looks like it is most likely an issue with the conda build, which doesn’t use a pinned tbb version.

Can you provide more information on how you’re installing cmdstan? Did you install it from conda-forge, or from source in a conda environment @abubakar_ilyas

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Well , my company doesn’t allow internet on server. So what Ihave done is I downloaded cmdstan2.32.1 from conda forge , took it to server and then used conda install packagename on the server.

I believe that conda install from a package archive like that does not do dependency resolution, which means this won’t work “out of the box”.

Besides the compilers and things you seem to already have from conda, you would also need TBB from conda.

I think it’s probably more advisable to to build from source if this is your situation

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