Cmdstan(py) for Ubuntu 22.04

I am wondering if someone was successful with running the cmdstan on Ubuntu 22.04. I tried, but it looks not good to me: Bernoulli example compiles with no problem, but then I almost always get:

CmdStan's precompiled header (PCH) files may need to be rebuilt.If your model failed to compile please run cmdstanpy.rebuild_cmdstan().

One code I managed to run sometime ago. But now it gives the same error.

Does the message persist after you rebuild CmdStan?

Yes. However, if I build from source files, then everything is good! I used the git to clone

No, it works still badly - sometimes it compiles, sometimes it does not want to compile. Sometimes, if I clean-up the previously generated directories, it helps.

What compiler are you using and what version?

clang++ (I could not build with g++)

ps: the last time rebuild helped (but the behavior is a bit random to me, I will continue to observe)

@aakhmetz you said you could not build with g++. I am a newbie in Cmdstanpy and after installing it through conda, the installation process of cmdstan did not finish. Is this problem happening with you? I am also a Ubuntu 22.04 user.

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