Emergency vectorization fix

I’m pretty sure the vectorization broke abs(int), which should
return an int, not a real. The function fabs(real) is the only
function that should’ve been vectorized. Sorry I didn’t catch
this in code review—I only saw it when going over the doc for
the vectorization.

This probably needs to be fixed at both the stan-dev/math and stan-dev/stan
levels. I’ll get to it after finishing the manual for the next
release, which I’m nearly done with.

  • Bob

Thanks. We can wait for the release until that’s finished. If you’re not busy on Monday, we can walk through the rest of the vectorization to see if there are any additional issues. (I don’t see why we’d have any.)

I walked through the rest of the issues and have matching
patches for math and stan (the math patch will break the
upstream build and the stan patch requires the math patch).

I’ll be around Monday. And even around in the PM to hang
out with Chris.

  • Bob