Dyld library not loaded - CmdStanPy / Anaconda

Hello everyone!I’m sampling a model in MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16 GB ram, macOS Ventura 13.3.1. CmdStanPy v1.1.0 . When I tried the example model (bernoulli) everything worked in a good way (image 1). But, when I tried with a more complex model, it crushes, in particular, in model.sample() (image 2). The message references the dyld library that could be found, because it is sought in a path that doesn’t exist (/Users/pablogalaz/opt/anaconda3/lib/libtbb.12.dylib). I installed everything with anaconda, which is installed just in Users/pablogalaz/anaconda3/.. . Here my questions:

  1. Why does it crush in the complex model but in bernoulli model it works properly?
  2. How can I change the reference of dyld library to be sought in users/pablogalaz/anaconda3/lib instead of the wrong path?

Thanks in advance for all your pieces of advices!

Image 1

Image 2