Can't execute sampling of CmdStan example

Hi everyone, I’m starting in CmdStan 2.29 and I’m trying to run the example that is contained in the User Guide (here the link).

In terminal this runs perfectly:

> cd CmdStan
> make examples/bernoulli/bernoulli


> make: 'examples/bernoulli/bernoulli' is up to date.

But then, when I’m trying to execute the sampling of the example, it crushes:

> cd examples/bernoulli
> ./bernoulli sample data

The output is:

dyld[44440]: Symbol not found: __ZN3tbb4task13note_affinityEt
  Referenced from: /Users/pablogalaz/cmdstan/examples/bernoulli/bernoulli
  Expected in: /Users/pablogalaz/opt/anaconda3/lib/libtbb.12.5.dylib
zsh: abort      ./bernoulli sample data

What could be my error? Thanks in advance!

Hm, looks like something went wrong with your install of Stan’s dependencies. Can you double-check that you followed the install instructions?

We resolved this on Slack: @pablogalazcares had two different copies of cmdstan downloaded, and needed to use the one which was managed by Conda in order to get the correct linking behavior with those libraries

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