Doxygen errors --- more counting?

I’m moving this discussion to Discourse. Just to summarize for when it eats the attachment, she’s getting doxygen warnings in code that she didn’t touch.

I think this is another hack where the tests count errors to make sure there aren’t more than there used to be. But I’m hoping Daniel or Sean can confirm. I’d rather not fix doxygen errors in unrelated pull requests.

how much parsing is doxygen doing?
the error in question is:

/Users/mitzi/github/stan-dev/cmdstan/stan/src/stan/lang/ast/expr_type_def.hpp:17: warning: no matching class member found for 
  stan::lang::expr_type::expr_type(int base_type, size_t num_dims)
Possible candidates:
  stan::lang::expr_type::expr_type(const base_expr_type base_type)
  stan::lang::expr_type::expr_type(const base_expr_type base_type, std::size_t num_dims)

the answer to the question is that doxygen’s error messages are misleading and I’m a bad copy editor.

Fixed the code and problem solved. Still curious as to why this happened.

Yesterday I re-submitted a PR which had passed all checks last week. The failure was in a file that wasn’t changed as part of the PR. Have there been any recent changes to the jenkins job or its components?

Sean upgraded the Jenkins instances, so perhaps that’s now properly
catching the error?

Sorry about that – we definitely want the develop version to be clean so
PRs don’t have to clean up after other problems. And thanks again for
handling it!