Discourse sign-up instructions

I think we should bite the bullet and try to move over. Once the dev list
is comfortably settled in, we can encourage stan-users to shift too.

Instructions for signing up for discourse

There are 3 different authentication methods. You only need to choose one.
You can also authenticate with multiple methods.

Step 1

Go to http://discourse.mc-stan.org.

Step 2
Click the “Sign Up” link at the top.

Step 3. Pick one of the three options

You can either pick “with Google”, “with GitHub”, or you can fill out the
form as a third option.

I’ve highlighted the 3 options inside (hideous green) boxes. Pick one that
you like.

Let me know that you have an account and want access

I’ll be proactive for a while and search for new users that should be on
the dev list, but if you catch this afterwards, here’s how you can send a
message through discourse.

First, get to the messages area. 1. Click on your avatar. 2. Click on the
envelope icon.

That’ll bring you to a messages screen. Click on “New Message.”

In the blank box, type “syclik” or “Daniel Lee” or take a guess at whoever
else is on the system.

And then send the message.

If this doesn’t work, please let me know.