Data science contractors needed with Stan experience

Hi all,

Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative co-founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2017. We’ve been a supporter of Stan, and I am also a regular user.

We are kicking off a project to help extremely capable people enter roles where they will be more useful for the world–a marketplace for talent for good. The first product we are building scales career coaching by empirically identifying the career pathways that are likely to have the largest impact. To enable this, we have built a proprietary database of impactful careers–which we’re ready to start exploiting.

I am looking for a range of contractors for both standard data science work (cleaning and munging data, working on data collection strategies etc.) and statistical modeling. The latter will involve a significant amount of NLP.

If you know anyone who’d be suitable for this sort of work, please introduce them to me. My email is jsavage@ schmidtfutures dot com



Hi, Jim!

I’m curious about what kind of NLP problems you want to solve and whether there are existing Stan projects in NLP. I thought the entire field had shifted to deep neural nets around 10 years ago (when I left the field to start developing Stan).

I’m also curious how you define “impactful careers”, but we can have that discussion over a beer.