Dark theme for discourse

There is a dark mode toggle that is available for discourse but the owner needs to turn it on. Is it possible to get this installed?


I just tried installing this, but I don’t know anything about installing themes so I may not have configured it properly. Does it work for you if you switch to dark mode now?


No, though there is a disable automatic dark mode theme switching button that I’ve left unchecked and I restarted firefox.

I also tried setting firefox to dark theme and restarting to see if that theme would propagate through. But that also didn’t work.

My theme switched automatically to dark right now when logging in from my mobile with dark theme set to the browser

Yep, automatically switched to dark mode for me on iOS using Safari and having dark mode as default in my iOS settings. Love it!

Well I’m glad it’s working for @OriolAbril and @mike-lawrence! Not sure why it’s not working for @spinkney. Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like it works for Android chrome (not for duckduckgo browser that I typically use, probably one of the few on here though :)). Also, I thought this would work for desktop but doesn’t appear to.

It is nice (in Safari) and appears automatically. But I don’t like the narrowness of the text column in discussion threads.

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Super weird, it tries to load the dark theme (on android and ubuntu 18.10 firefox) then reloads with the white theme. Its whatever for me but odd tho