Confirmation that non-developers cannot post in developer categrory

Just confirming that it’s working I cannot create a topic under developers (grayed out button).

Rats, the e-mail attack vector is blocked. Foiled again! :sob:

what category does this belong to? It looks uncategorized… that’s not good.

You don’t have a category for talking about discourse or the list
infrastructure; you probably should have one.


PS E-mail test :)

Maybe. Maybe not. Seems way too meta.

Btw, are you able to see your own trust level? I think trust level 3 can create categories. I’d be happy to give you that trust level to check (and you should have it).


Nope, I cannot see my trust level. Where would it be?



Yikes! I didn’t see that post… let me check.

I just boosted your trust level.

I don’t even know where this message lives. It’s not a private message.

It seems to be time and post based so it’s probably in forum settings somewhere.

Oh, and thank you :smiley:

Did you see a notification about your trust level? Can you see if you can create tags?

Yes, I saw that I earned 3 badges. I’ll check tagging now.

(responded via e-mail)

Cannot edit the starting post to add a tag that does not already exist. I’ll try with a new post.

Actually, I could add a tag, but have to pick a category and those I cannot adjust.

That’s intended. (Thanks for being our tester.)

People with high enough trust can create tags. Anyone can assign tags. A smaller subset can create categories.

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I’m happy moving you to the smaller subset, but I think it’s pretty useful having a user find the edge cases of this thing. I’m not patient enough to walk through the combinatorics of possible settings.

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Breaking things is something I’m good at.

Seriously, a pleasure. If I can help y’all out a bit it is in gratitude,
and insufficient, for the benefit I’ve received from The Stan team!



I found where trust levels are described, for future reference.