Combine output of two groups in generated quantities

Hi! I used multilevel model to calculate parameters for gamma distribution in a semiparametric survival curve. The output I wanted to fit was time-to-event (infectious period) ~ gamma(shape, rate). I have right censored and observed period (_obs, _cens are assigned to parameters’ name). I managed to run it using two for loop for censored and observed data. now I wanted to combine them and extracted time-to-event of each group (define as isolated[I]).

    int<lower=0> Total;
    int<lower=0> M; // data length observed
    int<lower=0> N; // data length censored
    int<lower=0> Niso; // total number of isolator
    real inf_obs[M];
    real inf_cens[N];
    int isol_obs[M];
    int isol_cens[N];

    real<lower=0> alpha; // log recovery rate
    real<lower=0> beta;
    real<lower=0> zalpha_obs[M];
    real<lower=0> zbeta_obs[M];
     real<lower=0> zalpha_cens[N];
    real<lower=0> zbeta_cens[N];
    real<lower=0> logsigmaA; // variation
    real<lower=0> logsigmaB;

    vector[M] alphaInf_obs;
    vector[M] betaInf_obs;
    vector[N] alphaInf_cens;
    vector[N] betaInf_cens;
    alpha ~ lognormal(0,0.05);
    beta ~ normal(0.01,0.05);
    zalpha_obs ~lognormal(0, 1);
    zbeta_obs ~ lognormal(0, 1);
    zalpha_cens ~lognormal(0, 1);
    zbeta_cens ~ lognormal(0, 1);
    logsigmaA ~normal(0,0.09);
    logsigmaB ~normal(0.01,0.01);
    for ( i in 1:M ) {  //M is observed
      alphaInf_obs[i]  = alpha + zalpha_obs[isol_obs[i]]*exp(logsigmaA);
      betaInf_obs[i] = exp(beta) + zbeta_obs[isol_obs[i]]*exp(logsigmaB);
      target +=  gamma_lpdf(inf_obs[i]| alphaInf_obs[i],betaInf_obs[i]/alphaInf_obs[i]);
     for ( i in 1:N ) {  //N is observed
      alphaInf_cens[i]  = alpha + zalpha_cens[isol_cens[i]]*exp(logsigmaA);;
      betaInf_cens[i] = exp(beta) + zbeta_cens[isol_cens[i]]*exp(logsigmaB);
         target+= log(1-gamma_cdf(inf_cens[i],alphaInf_cens[i],betaInf_cens[i]/alphaInf_cens[i])); 

generated quantities{
    vector[M] log_lik_obs;
    vector[N] log_lik_cens;
    vector[M] alphaInf_obs;
    vector[M] betaInf_obs;
    vector[N] alphaInf_cens;
    vector[N] betaInf_cens;
  for ( i in 1:M ) {  //M is observed
      alphaInf_obs[i]  = alpha + zalpha_obs[isol_obs[i]]*exp(logsigmaA) ;
      betaInf_obs[i] = exp(beta) + zbeta_obs[isol_obs[i]]*exp(logsigmaB) ;
      log_lik_obs[i] = gamma_lpdf(inf_obs[i]| alphaInf_obs[i],betaInf_obs[i]/alphaInf_obs[i]) ;
 for ( i in 1:N ) {  //M is observed
      alphaInf_cens[i]  = alpha + zalpha_cens[isol_cens[i]]*exp(logsigmaA) ;
      betaInf_cens[i] = exp(beta) + zbeta_cens[isol_cens[i]]*exp(logsigmaB) ;
      log_lik_cens[i] = log(1-gamma_cdf(inf_cens[i],alphaInf_cens[i],betaInf_cens[i]/alphaInf_cens[i])); 

In generated quantities, I tried creating output of each group (isolator) by creating new variable and assigned group effect. but I got error since the beginning and i am also don’t know how to do it correctly.
Mainly, I want to extract result based on group that isolator as it assigned in function [isol_obs[I]] and also combine output of censored and observed together.

generated quantities{
  real alphaall[Niso]
     alphaOB = alpha + zalpha_obs*logsigmaA;
     betaOB= beta+zbeta_obs*logsigmaB;
     alphaC = alpha + zalpha_cens*logsigmaA;
     betaOB= beta+zbeta_cens*logsigmaB;

My data is simply infectious period (1-400 hours), censored status(0,1), and isolator groups (1-40) where multiple infectious period are in a isolator.
Thank you in advance for your help

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do, but we can perhaps get you over the syntax issues if you can say what type of error you are getting.