CmdStanR - v0.8.1 Release

We have now released v0.8.1 of CmdStanR!

This is a small bugfix release addressing issues identified by the community since the last release, as well as resolving a long-standing issue with OneDrive folders on Windows. The full release notes are at the end of this post.

As always, you install the release from our R-Universe repository:

install.packages("cmdstanr", repos = c("", ""))

Our thanks to the community for helping us improve cmdstanr, and to the R-Universe team for providing packaging and distribution!

Release Notes


  • Fix errors when using pathfinder object as initial values by @avehtari in #984
  • Fix error with $unconstrain_draws() returning incorrect dimensions in some cases by @andrjohns in #983
  • Fix spurious errors about missing CmdStan config files by @andrjohns in #981
  • Fix linking error when exposing SUNDIALS/KINSOL functions or model methods by @andrjohns in #977
  • Fix long-standing error with OneDrive paths on Windows by @andrjohns in #990

Minor changes

  • Added support for Windows ARM64 by @andrjohns in #990
  • Automatically initialise model methods when called, add inc_warmup argument to $unconstrain_draws() by @andrjohns in #985
  • Added CMDSTANR_USE_RTOOLS environment variable to force stock RTools on Windows by @andrjohns in #980