CmdStan 2.30 is now available

We are very happy to announce that CmdStan 2.30.0 is out!

This new release brings complex vectors, row vectors, and matrices, six new functions and three new distributions, and a number of minor improvements and bug fixes.

For details see the blog post: Release of CmdStan 2.30 – The Stan Blog


2.30 has also some stanc --O1 fixes (previously some of my models failed to compile), and now I get 25%-28% for some GP and HSGP models when using that option. I’ll do more tests some day later.

The new debug-mem-pattern is helpful for finding models that might get benefit. I used the following zsh snippet to list Stan models with count of variables using Struct of Array memory patterns (that can make the memory access faster and sampling faster)

for file  in `ls -1 **/*.stan`
  echo -n "$file "; $CMDSTAN/bin/stanc --include-paths=`dirname $file` --O1 --debug-mem-patterns $file | grep --count SoA
done | grep -v 0 > mem-patterns.txt

The 2.30.1 patch release has just been released on Github: Release v2.30.1 (27 July 2022) · stan-dev/cmdstan · GitHub

The release mostly addressed a few minor bugs in stanc3. For details see the blog post Release of CmdStan 2.30.1 – The Stan Blog


@rok_cesnovar @syclik is it possible to get a tab on the Stan webpage with release notes where we can post these as well as the blog?


Seconded, or at least link to the blog in the top bar of the website