CmdStan 2.29 is now available

We are happy to announce that CmdStan 2.29.0 is out!

For more details see the blog post: Release of CmdStan 2.29 – The Stan Blog


With the help of our users, we have identified a few issues with the latest release which is why we have just released CmdStan 2.29.1.

If you had no issues compiling your models with the 2.29.0 release, there is no need to upgrade immediately. For details see the blog post: Release of CmdStan 2.29.1 – The Stan Blog


Another patch release to address issues in the 2.29 release. The patch release adds missing normal_id_glm signatures, fixes a bug with subsetting single matrix rows with the colon expression and a few issues that popped up with the new O1 compile-time optimization flag.

Thank you to @avehtari, @joewing and @nikuehn for reporting the issues.

For more details see Release of CmdStan 2.29.2 – The Stan Blog