Brms model runs with rstan but not with backend cmdstanr

Two days ago, I had brms models that ran without any problem with cmdstanr. After updating RStudio, I had to re-install cmdstanr/cmdstan. Since then the brmsfit object that I get is empty and I get the following error:
Compiling Stan program…
Start sampling
Registered S3 method overwritten by ‘data.table’:
method from

The same model run with backend rstan, runs to completion with no errors and gives a complete brmsfit object.
I ran rebuild cmdstanr that completed without errors. the problem continues.
I read that the error occurs when two functions have the same name, but I have no way of knowing which functions they are in this case.
I would just continue with rstan, but it takes about 3 times longer to compile and fit.
Any suggestions?

sp_formula = bf(count ~ 0 + Intercept + sday + site + species, zi ~ species)
zip_prior <- c(set_prior("normal(0, 2)", class = "b"),
			   set_prior("normal(0, 2)", class = "b", dpar = "zi"),
			   set_prior("logistic(0, 1)", class = "Intercept", dpar = "zi"))
startTime <- Sys.time()

fit_cmd <-
  brm(data = my_data,
      family = zifamily,
      formula = sp_formula,
      prior = zip_prior,
      iter = 1000, warmup = 500, thin = 1, chains = 4, cores = 4,
      # seed = 9,
  	  backend = "cmdstanr",
  	sample_prior = 'no'

Hi, it looks like everything works fine now. I get complete fit object with cmdstanr. I don’t know how or why it righted itself.