Brms case studies for


I was wondering if case studies based on brms (rather than plain Stan) are in scope for the Stan case studies on The case studies I have in mind target Pharma related problems, which are being discussed in detail and solved with brms.

… and what is the process for contributing a case study for now? Would it even be possible to update/change the content of the material possibly?

Tagging a few people who can hopefully comment… @mitzimorris or @Bob_Carpenter maybe?



case studies with BRMS would be awesome!

do you want to host the notebooks on data on the stan-dev github repo?
currently, they’re in a subdirectory of the example models repo -
most of them are in knitr - example-models/knitr at master · stan-dev/example-models · GitHub

the rendered HTML pages are hosted on the stan-dev github pages repo: at master · stan-dev/ · GitHub

the case studies listing page is here: at master · stan-dev/ · GitHub

I would be happy to help you with any or all of this.