Book Announcement: WAIC and WBIC with R Stan

Hello Stan community,

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my new book titled, “WAIC and WBIC with R Stan - 100 Exercises for Building Logic”. This book is specially designed for those who want to delve deep into the concepts of the widely applicable information criterion (WAIC) and the widely applicable Bayesian information criterion (WBIC).

Key Features:

100 Exercises with Solutions: Each exercise has been carefully chosen to provide readers with practical insights, and the solutions are provided in the main text for a comprehensive learning experience.
Detailed Source Programs & Stan Codes: To facilitate a deeper understanding, the book offers detailed source programs along with Stan codes, ensuring that readers can grasp the mathematical concepts presented.
For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on WAIC and WBIC using the Stan platform, I believe this book will serve as an invaluable resource.

It’s been an enriching experience working on this project, and I’m excited to share it with a community as passionate about Stan as I am.

Please check it out and I’d appreciate any feedback or discussions related to the topics presented!

Thank you for your time and happy modeling!

Warm regards,
Joe Suzuki


Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. I added it to the list Stan-related books on our web site:

It may take a couple minutes to rebuild on the GitHub side.

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