Blog post on installing CmdStanR on Windows

Hi all!

I had a lot of questions about installing CmdStanR on Windows lately. Luckily, @mitzimorris and @rok_cesnovar have been super helpful solving all these issues. Thank you, again!

I wrote down the installation process for me and decided to make a blog post out of it. I also decided to add a section about setting up CmdStanR through WSL after reading this thread.

I did not attempt to write a complete installation guide. It’s more like a collection of heads-ups.

Here is the link to the blog post.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


@Max_Mantei fantastic stuff! Thanks so much for writing this!

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One minor thing:

curl should not be a requirement on Windows as of cmdstan 2.23. It was a requirement for 2.22 because Windows binaries of stanc3 were not included in the release archive (due to a makefile bug). But that really only makes a difference for Windows 7, Windows 10 comes with curl installed.

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Thanks! I will change that!