Binomial_logit_glm not available?


I just realise that we do not have a binomial_logit_glm function in the language. There is only a Bernoulli version of it or a categorical logit… but how come there is no binomial_ logit glm function (which are super fast)?

Should that be worked on … so that an issue is needed?


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I added binomial to an existing issue asking for more glm’s more glm functions · Issue #1964 · stan-dev/math · GitHub

Is it possible to relax the requirement of integers for inference-only purpose?

Is the motivation fractional counts from some kind of pre-processing?

If so, I’d suggest writing a different function rather than overloading binomial, which is, strictly speaking, only defined with support over integers. A generalized real variate version would presumably take p(y) propto theta^y * (1 - theta)^(N - y). What’s the normalizing term?

I understand your recommendation. Thank you.