August 8, 2019 Stan meeting in NYC at 11am

Hangouts Link:

Instructions: Ask to attend in the hangouts interface and someone should let you in in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. Email if you have problems or want to attend the physical meeting in New York City.

Meeting Agenda:

Please add your agenda items in replies.

Meeting notes:

Andrew: Proposal out to Sloan, work on books.

Yuling: Progress on stacking for multi-modal posteriors. Reported by Andrew.

Bob: Worked on Sloan grant, design docs in for ragged arrays and closures.

Mitzi: PyLadies meetings, working through Bayes Workflow Book. Translating to Python.

Lauren: Working on social work stuff for Columbia.

Ben G: Still working on getting 2.20 out.

Aki: Sub-sampleing loo soon to be added loo package. Model/public db is in public repo. Bunch of visitors to Helsinki.

Charles: Working on tutorial for StanCon.

Sean: Bug fixes in compiler, extensions to compiler as well.

Steve: Draft of sparse matrix spec written. Looking at templating solution.

Breck: StanCon coming along. Funding raising. Electorate discussion.