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I’ve recently discovered brms. At the moment, I’m dealing with the following challenge: We run the same models (Bayesian regression analyses) on two different data sets and want to visually compare the posterior distributions. To better detect differences, I’d like to have them in one plot (so that we can visualise the overlap of the posterior distributions based on the same models but different datasets). Is that possible?
Another question: Is it possible to adjust the scale of the x-axis and y-axis in the plot function (when using it to plot the posterior distributions)?

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I think you’ll need to write some custom code to achieve that - you can use posterior_samples to extract the samples from each model (or use tidybayes to get a more tidy output see e.g. Extracting and visualizing tidy draws from brms models • tidybayes) and then you can build the plot as you want it.

Best of luck with your project!