Add external package listing/description to web pages?

There are some great packages out there buidling on top of Stan that we trust like brms and rethinking and prophet. Should we have a list of those (and others) somewhere on our home page?

I am not enthusiastic about distinguishing (or even determining) what we trust and don’t trust but the list is at the bottom of

and everyone who uses R knows where to find it. It increases in size every few weeks. I am not aware of any non-R ones.

Bad word choice. I don’t even trust what we’re doing!

Given that you are teaching brms and rethinking in your Bayesian class at Columbia, that’s good enough for me.

We have enough R packages at this point that it’s probably worth having a page showing how they all relate to each other. I can work on this and we could add a link somewhere on that page to the list of packages developed by our users.