A typo in the manual

Hi all,

I think this sentence in the manual 2.17.0, “Stan provides elementwise matrix division and multiplication operations, a .* b and a ./b.” should be changed to “Stan provides elementwise matrix multiplication and division operations, a .* b and a ./b.”

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Trung Dung.

I’ve added your contribution here: https://github.com/stan-dev/stan/issues/2437. That’s the place of choice (I think. I’m not a stan developer) for posting corrections to the manual.

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Thank you, @maxbiostat, I don’t know where to place it so I write here.

yes, https://github.com/stan-dev/stan/issues/2437 is the correct place for manual 2.17.0. there should always be an open issue “next manual”. all suggestions and corrections gratefully accepted!


Thanks! That’s usually my job :-)

My small way of giving back. Thanks for providing us with flexible, powerful and reliable open source software!

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