Workshop: Intro to rstan & rstanarm for (ecology) grad students


I recently developed a short introduction to Stan via rstan & rstanarm, using linear regression and glms as an example. It is an html / Rmd file and includes a stand-alone R script.

It was targeted towards ecology & evolution graduate students who had just received a light introduction to Bayes, but hadn’t really gotten their hand dirty with any Bayesian models or code.

This is just the first pass - I’ve gotten a few comments already, and encourage anyone with comments or suggestions to contribute.



+1 to any tutorial with photos of baboons. And I really wish we could get rid of the unintelligible error messages arising from the compiler due to Boost. We’re very careful in our own code, but we don’t own or control the BH lib. We might be able to hack a fix for some of this, but it’d be ugly and unmaintainable as we’d have to change it when Boost changes again.

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