Website page on Guide to Stan's Warnings

there’s a page we’re maintaining as part of the repo:

@bgoodri and @jonah - this is RStan specific - is it still being linked to? is the information up-to-date? section on the compiler?

the CmdStan guide also links to this page - should it?


I am not sure whether we have a hyperlink to it, but that URL appears in the text of the warning message when something goes wrong.

RStan warning message?
in which case, could we change title to “Guide to Stan’s Warnings for RStan”?
because the discussion is RStan-specific - or at least, RStan-centric.

I don’t think the advice how to deal with the warning messages is (or should be) rstan-centric. There are isolated lines of R code like control = list(adapt_delta = 0.9) but the idea of changing adapt_delta to 0.9 isn’t. We could add the equivalent line in PyStan or whatever but I don’t think it is worth maintaining a separate page about how to deal with the warnings in PyStan and I don’t think it is worth giving the impression that dealing with the warnings is specific to RStan.

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