Vignitte recommendation for adjusted survival analysis with brms

Could you please suggest a vignette for doing a survival analysis with brms package. Cox model can not be used, since the proportional hazards assumption is violated. Is there an alternative (e.g. just plotting non-proportional adjusted survival curves with credible intervals)? Thanks in advance!

For brms
Ara Winter - EDIT: Removed link due to suspect content on the rest of the website

For Stan



The tutorial by William Briggs is not terrible (though there are better ones out there) but I highly recommend staying far, far, far away from any of the other content on his site. Honestly it renders any of his judgments about statistics suspect.

I removed the link @qdread ! If you have a different one to replace it with please drop it in here. Thanks!

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Yeah, best to not pair brms tutorials with racist and anti-Semitic screeds, not to mention side helpings of climate and Covid denialism. Thanks for removing! I will try to find a replacement.

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This publication is a tutorial on using survival models in brms to model animal behavioral sequences, so it may be relevant. The paper is open access.

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